Testosterone propionate because they have an active short life 2-3 days, athletes found they could beat the testosterone: epitestosterone drug test if they stopped using this compound a week or two before being tested. This made it very popular among athletes in tested competitions, who liked this aspect a lot.

Testosterone Propionate is the second fastest acting testosterone available for widespread distribution in the market.

Their effects start the onset of about 1 day. It has all the benefits of other long estered testosterone such as speed strength and muscle mass increases and increased training in line with a greater capacity for aggression training later retrieval. However, it seems to cause a clear reduction in the level of water retention.

The only handicap appears to be the injection frequency dictated by the short active life of the drug. Every day to every other day were the most common dosage regimine with this drug. A very high quality muscle gain has been achieved with a simple 50-100 mg testosterone propionate every 1-2 days along with perhaps 50mg stanozolol or trenbolone acetate (in the same dosing regimen), and 20-25mg daily oxandrolone. Testosterone propionate is the popular form of testosterone for athletes.

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