It is an oral, methylated (17-alpha-alkylated) steroid is androgenic and highly anabolic. Some novice users report weight gains of up to a pound per day fpor the first 3 weeks of administration, as well as incredible strength gains. Neither it is uncommon among first-time steroid users, and this type of weight gain makes Oximetholone one of the most coveted drugs consolidation off season mass cycle.

Aggressiveness often increases dramatically in this compound, and may be due to elevated androgen levels it provides, its effects on the central nervous system, and the derivative DHT (dihydrotestosterone), anecdotally seems that athletes much more aggressive.

This last effect is often seen by the media as a negative side effect, but in a hard training (and emotionally stable) athlete, this aggressiveness often manifests itself as a stronger drive in the gym and results in more strength acquired and, ultimately, more weight. Unfortunately, users of this drug also experience the negative aspects of DHT, which can include excessive water retention, acne and fall hair. Many people consider Oximetholone a dangerous compound, but this is not necessarily so. Oximetholone was originally produced in a whopping 50mg pill, so you do not need many of them to get a very high dose of oxymetholone (the drug Oximetholone) . Compare this oxandrolone at doses produced in a 2.5mg pill, or Dianabol which was produced in a 5mg pill, and see why Oximetholone has a reputation for being powerful. One tab is has as many milligrams as 20 of the original oxandrolone tabs or 20 of the original Dianabol tabs! On a milligram for milligram basis, Oximetholone is no more dangerous than most oral steroids out there. Just remember that you get 50mgs in each tablet, and adjust the dose accordingly. Sometimes people who useOximetholone get flu-like symptoms or a headache. I personally do both, but the headache is much worse (it is probably my rapidly elevate blood pressure).

Many of the horror stories you hear about steroids is from people abusing this particulate. Chris Duffy (retired IFBB professional) claimed to use ten of them every day. It is no wonder that it has been linked to prostate and liver cancer, liver disease, thyroid dysfunction, leukemia, and heart, liver disorders and even coma. Again, this is a powerful drug, and can not be taken lightly, but it is no more dangerous than many others. Also raise its hematocrit, and accordingly blood pressure. where the coagulation time can be a problem. From Oximetholone is derived from DHT,it may cause problems in DHT-tissue sensitive target like the scalp, prostate and sebaceous glands. It can also cause suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis, which results in a low sperm count and a decrease of luteinizing hormone, which is what their signals to the testes secrete testosterone. Anadrol therapy, therefore, will decrease their level of testosterone agressive.

In general, women away from Oximetholone, because it´s posiblevirilizing effects, included clitoral enlargement, facial hair growth, deeper voice, and loss time.

Oxymetholone is infamous for negatively effecting liver function and increasing markers, as enzymes SGOT and SGPT (and others) are all hepatic indicators (indicators of liver dysfunction) .Jaundice (yellowing of the whites of the eyes and nails) can even occur Oximetholone in widespread use. As indicated above, Oximetholone is a derivative of theDHT, which is itself a 5-alpha-reduced version of testosterone. Some users have reported gyno Androl use, but this is unlikely to result inoximetholone(which does not convert to estrogen, or DHT, and can´t stimulate the receptors progesterone). Users Oximetholone experience gynocomastia (the of breast tissue in men) have developed this condition, probably as a result of concurrent use of another steroid along with theirOximetholone.Oxymetholone also causes edema (water retention) which could be due to greater retention, which often causes a softening of the muscles look.

Oximetholone It is for medical use is (as in most steroids) to treat low red blood cell production, which often manifests itself as anemia. Therefore, during the administration of Oximetholone, red blood cells increases greatly. For the hard training athlete, this is a great advantage because it means there is more oxygen transported to the muscles, therefore an incredible muscle pump as well as a greater ability to do multiple sets with heavy weights. The time needed between sets, and the ability to exercise more is set for both greater and less need for days off from the gym is often seen as well. This increased work capacity contributes to the athlete the opportunity to do more weight training sessions per cycle productive, and this, of course, contributes greatly to their profits.

Advanced bodybuilders and power lifters have reported excellent results with 50-200 mg per day, taken in divided doses. It is very often the drug of choice for athletes trying to move to a weight class in bodybuilding or powerlifting. Although myself and many others have usedOximetholone alone is not very common to, and generally stacked with something like Testosterone, and Deca Durabolin or Equipoise. By stacking it with highly anabolic compounds like them, more high quality gains are considered, and less of the watery / bloated look is experienced.